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News is spreading in Mississippi and beyond  about the work of this sensational seer.

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Here's what The Oxford Eagle had to say:


Sister Psyches-Out Oxford

May 7, 2000
By Joe Pye Weed

You don't need a crystal ball to see that Jackson psychic Sister Susannah has a growing following in Yoknapatawpha County.

From New-Agers, to Ole Miss students, to baby-boomers and mature citizens of Oxford, this psychic has gained a big following.

The reason - her predictions really do seem to come true.

It's emerged that the late Trudi Rose, co-owner of Cupid's Couples, consulted Sister Susannah shortly before she was murdered in April.

The shawl-clad psychic warned her that her sweet tooth would kill her - but Ms Rose apparently took that as a general health warning.

She did confide the warning to a friend though - and in the tragic, extraordinary aftermath of that case a rumor about the premonition has surfaced.

Sister Susannah is in demand for personal readings and her new Internet site is proving popular.

But who is this fortysomething woman who has taken the psyche of Oxford by storm?

Susannah granted only a brief interview to the Oxford Eagle (but in that short time also mentioned some very personal facts about this writer's background she could not possibly have been told)

"I considered myself weird when I was growing up," she said.

"Other people couldn't see what I saw and my family thought I was like my strange, deceased, great-aunt."

Only in her late teens did start to realize her gift when she read a book about a psychic.

"The book almost leapt into my hand at the library," she recalled.

She had an instant understanding of who she was and what her powers were. She studied and refined her gift, then started to do readings for friends.

Her reputation grew and in her early 20s she left her job and went into business as a clairvoyant. She set up a psychic phoneline and also an Internet Website.

But apart from making money out of her gift with predictions of love and happiness she has disturbing visions which wake her in the middle of the night.

Once she saw the horror of a plane crash and could see the flight number on a ticket - she called the airline company but the plane had already left. Five minutes later it went down.

Another time she had a vision about bodies buried in a forest in Oregon, and phoned police there. She described the location and, sure enough, a murder investigation was underway. Her description of the scene tallied with that of the lonely place where two bodies were ultimately found.


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